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So, you want to know more about location-based marketing eh? Well, you came to the right place! This blog provides insight to what LBM is, who uses it, how you use it, what sites to utilize, the steps on how to build a business on location-based websites, and a number of resources to use along the way. So, lets get started by scrolling down to the next blog!

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Def: Marketing that uses your location
1.Can be done through a mobile phone
2.Or mobile websites that can be connected through your computer!

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So how would you use LBM?
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What can a customer do?

  • Check into businesses

  • Provide tips, reviews and ratings

  • Add places to lists and favourites

  • Share pictures

  • Receive specials

  • Share information

What can a business do?

  • Check business reviews and ratings

  • See the number of people who check in

  • Provide an address and number for potential customers

  • Reward with specials

  • Share pictures

View the pictures or click them for a visual insight!

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Location-based marketing is more beneficial for B2C, For-Profit companies. This doesn’t mean that B2B and Not-for-Profit cannot use location-based marketing, it just happens to be more consumer friendly! Location-based marketing is a perfect way to encourage customers to check-in to a business and receive incentives from B2C, For-Profit companies. As for, B2B, they can use location marketing to promote trade shows, conferences, even TEDx events! Not-for-Profit can focus on charity events and raising money for a cause, for a check-in you have your name added to the e-list of contributors.

Check out the examples I have below, including this case study for a not-for-profit organization!

Twitter Case Study: Red Cross

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You might be familiar with Facebook Places, and Twitter check-ins. But what about Foursquare, Path, and SCVNGR. Scroll down through the various websites I’ve tested and declared the best for building a business presence.


Gowalla was purchased by Facebook in Dec. 2011. The website has been closed down and the app is no longer available.

This nifty chart below will show you which major smartphone’s have an app for each location-based marketing website. If the icon is faded for a particular smartphone, then it is not available in their app store.

Facebook already has a huge audience base, which will help promote and grow your business. With Facebook, you need to register and login. You can then start signing your business up on Facebook Pages, this allows your customers to find you even under Facebook! With your business page up-to-date, information is forwarded to customers on-the-go. It also allows them to check-in and share their check-in with everyone who likes your business page, and all of their friends which provides you with a high exposure! Facebook also connects all other LBM websites for an even easier access! And the best part is it’s free! Check this link out for more information Facebook for Businesses.

This video shows you how to start your own Facebook Business Page.

This video is from YouTube username Hadaralook.