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You might be familiar with Facebook Places, and Twitter check-ins. But what about Foursquare, Path, and SCVNGR. Scroll down through the various websites I’ve tested and declared the best for building a business presence.


Gowalla was purchased by Facebook in Dec. 2011. The website has been closed down and the app is no longer available.

This nifty chart below will show you which major smartphone’s have an app for each location-based marketing website. If the icon is faded for a particular smartphone, then it is not available in their app store.

Facebook already has a huge audience base, which will help promote and grow your business. With Facebook, you need to register and login. You can then start signing your business up on Facebook Pages, this allows your customers to find you even under Facebook! With your business page up-to-date, information is forwarded to customers on-the-go. It also allows them to check-in and share their check-in with everyone who likes your business page, and all of their friends which provides you with a high exposure! Facebook also connects all other LBM websites for an even easier access! And the best part is it’s free! Check this link out for more information Facebook for Businesses.

This video shows you how to start your own Facebook Business Page.

This video is from YouTube username Hadaralook.

Just like Facebook, you must sign-up on Google+ to use the services. There are 5 categories in which you can put your business page under. Allows you to post conversations, connect and create circles with customers. This is great exposure as friends share their circles with their friends and can generate many new customers added on to your page. Your customers then share videos and photos with people who follow your page and also any friends that they may have. It also allows users to search nearby places with Google+, comment, and gain information on the business via Google search. At the end of the day, you can go check the analytics Google has provided for your Google+ business page and its all FREE!

Check out this video for more details or go to Google+ for Businesses.

This video is directly from the Google+ for Businesses page.

One of the greatest parts about Twitter is, customers are able to use geo-tagging for photos and tweets. With a business Twitter account, you can become a verified account following Twitter’s guidelines. This ensures potential and current customers that this is a legitimate Twitter account for your business. Twitter does not assess how many people have checked into your business, however it does provide analytics to how many mentions you received within a given day and the possible location of this mention! The great thing about it is you can promote trends, tweets, and accounts on Twitter. This helps to drive customers to your account and possibly mention or hashtag (#) you in a tweet they have made. To find out more on Twitter and how you can sign your business up, go to Twitter for Business.

The great thing about Foursquare is it was specifically designed for location-based marketing. Foursquare allows you to claim a business and start providing incentives to customers who check-in to your location. After your business has been claimed, Foursquare provides options with incentive programs you can offer to customers. Here, your customers can leave tips, add pictures, add your business or brand to a list, and compete for badges and mayorships. Foursquare focuses on customer acquisition and retention and really sees that by allowing customers to say “Hey, I am here and I’ve been here 8 times in two months” provides a quick response on how the company is progressing using digital media. Another great thing about Foursquare is the free analytics it provides! And, if you can’t take my word for it check out their case studies on brands and merchants. To get your brand or business going on Foursquare, start here Foursquare Business!

SCVNGR allows you to create challenges, treks, and even rewards for customers. This is a great way of engaging a customer with your business or brand. The great thing about this app is it is geared more towards small businesses trying to make a bold statement at a low cost of $0. Yep, that’s right! Small businesses can now compete with the big boys too! Another great asset is their free analytics and promotional material. This ensures your business will grow, as long as you stay up-to date. SCVNGR also promotes Vocal Advocacy. This allows your customers to be your brand ambassadors for free! This is great for building brand equity and driving people to your location to see what the hype is all about. SCVNGR reports all challenges, treks, rewards and places with each potential customer. For more information on how to build a SCVNGR page go to SCVNGR for Business.

With Path, you can only update your settings on the internet, everything else is done via mobile phone. It also does not provide businesses the opportunity to sign up and claim a business. This means you may have to sign up on an account and view all the comments by going to the page whenever you can, this can be time consuming. However, Path allows consumers to upload photos of what they are doing, where they are and provide emoticons on how they feel. They can also share thoughts and even the type of music they are listening too! This is very beneficial for record producers to see how the music is really doing, or if your a small music store and you notice a trend in the GTA you can drive those customers to your business. If your looking for more details into Path, check out their Path Services page!

The video below also shows you how Path can be used!

This video is from